Top 5 reasons to own a sex doll

If sex dolls 10 years ago were as cheap as it is today, it would be as common as a vibrator. Also there’s nothing wrong with owning one. In many ways it’s not only safer than unprotected sex with strangers, it’s socially responsible. There’s a ton of reasons to own one, and we are going to go over some of the most popular reasons. If you are done with women, you may want to read through the very end, what you find out may just surprise you.

1. Too busy to have a relationship 

Its easy to assume that the only reason people get sex dolls is because they are incapable of finding a mate. But a high percentage of its owners make a decent living but just can’t find the time to commit to an exhausting amount of searching, trial and error, or are just to busy with their lives. One person claimed they did it because dolls didn’t come with the baggage lIke many women you find at bars and night clubs. 

2. Companionship

Sometimes having a pretty face that isn’t going to judge you can make some lonely nights go away. In some cases it replaces what someone has lost. Various media have reported instances where widowers purchased a doll after their spouse passed away. Whatever the situation, having something very realistic to fill the void is better than nothing. You don’t have to be an expert psychologist to see this, just YouTube “Tom Hanks Wilson”.

3. Experimentation

Haven’t met the right person to experiment with? Looking to fulfill a fantasy but for many reasons are unable or unwilling to live it out? Sex dolls can be dressed up in any way you want, they can participate in any activity you want, and they will always agree to whatever you want. For the same price as an iPhone monthly payment, anything you want is yours to have. 

While our motto is done with women, there are also people out there who experiment with threesomes with a real woman. Best part is there’s no baggage, no attachment, and no commitment except maybe for the woman who lets you try it with them.

4. Because STDs suck

A lot of people have different ways other than masturbation to get their kicks. But why settle for Palmula Handersen? Why Willy Wonk yourself to the cream filled chocolate factory when you can just have a one night stand? Because some genital diseases can have you pushing daisies or make the remaining years of your life as uncomfortable as possible. The doll is accessible, just like porn on the internet, and it’s ready to party with you when you are. So there’s no need to risk catching something nasty.

5. Cheaper companion than the real thing

Ahh. So don’t be offended if you are on the opposite end of this. Just because men can buy sex dolls, doesn’t mean women can’t either. Just remember that the vibrator has been around way longer than sex dolls. Dating can be very expensive, getting married to the wrong person can be very expensive. So if you have to pass time until the right person comes along, or you really are just done with women, the cost of a sex doll today is far cheaper than dating a real person. Also the doll will never break up with you because you’d rather be playing video games than watching The Bachelorette with her. If you have one that does whatever you want, then this doesn’t apply to you. 


You aren’t a pervert if you own a sex doll. If you aren’t out there making illegitimate kids, you are already doing society a favor. It’s already a billion dollar business that’s growing every year. You don’t always here about it all the time, and some guys just aren’t admitting to it because of fear of judgement. But let’s be real, if you are a guy, you know damn well most people who would say they’d never do it would have sex with one if they had the opportunity. If you haven’t bought one yet and are considering it, this place is a good place to start. 

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