How to avoid counterfeit sex dolls & scams

If you found a great deal for a sex doll that sounds too good to be true on places like Amazon, Alibaba, and Ali Express, chances are it’s a dud. 

Which of these are the common problems buying from an unreliable source?

  1. Poor quality counterfeit
  2. Bait & switch scam
  3. Refurbished or damaged
  4. All of the above

A majority of buyers report at least 2 of the reasons above. Which is why most of the time you won’t find very many reviews for the products. So let’s go over each of those issues individually.


Poor Quality Counterfeit

The photos used on these sites are usually taken from official vendors. While they may seem legitimate, what you actually get is a poor counterfeit. The only problem is, it doesn’t quite look like the photo. But the bigger issue is that it’s manufactured with very poor material non-medical grade TPE or silicone. Materials that contain harmful chemicals that can make you sick and even kill you. Official companies such as Piper Doll manufacture their dolls with only the best materials which are more costly to make. Also, the skin doesn’t smell terrible. Counterfeit dolls are made of very cheap TPE that has a strong rubbery smell for months and even years. If it’s made of silicone, the doll's skin would even dry up like plastic over a few months.

Bait & Switches

Unfortunately, when you are browsing for a sex doll on the internet, you may stumble upon some dishonest sex doll sellers. When buying sex dolls, there are two forms of scams that you can be a victim of. The first and most common one is the purchase of a counterfeit doll. This happens when the doll gets delivered and does not resemble the one that you ordered. The doll simply does not meet the client's expectation. The difference might be the terms of the quality of the material used as well as the absence of pledged specifications and modifications.

The second trick is the one that involves you paying for the product and not getting the product delivered at all. Surprised? Well, this is the most common scam, where a person sets up a website and advertises numerous sex dolls supported by attractive images while they don't actually possess the dolls. The unsuspecting customer then orders for the doll, pays for it, only for that to be the last time they hear from the con. This is a reality that you may encounter when purchasing your sex doll on websites that aren't legit and seem too good to be true.

Refurbished & Damaged

Refurbishment, also known as secondhand or pre-owned goods, also can have you fall as a victim of a scam. Ideally, refurbished items will work just as well, though that can be difficult to determine only by looking. The item could be heavily damaged from it's interior or was never appropriately refurbished. It's prudent to look out for potential warning signs when buying a refurbished doll. One way of avoiding that is by verifying the seller's reputation. Gauge the seller's reputation by asking details on the doll, specifically on the refurbishment process. If they were too vague about the specific item or dealings in general, you should be wary.  Think about it, would you wear a condom that some random person in the street already and told you that he cleaned it three times? The obvious answer is no ew, of course not. And of course, safety is always important as well. So save the hassle and stress by just buying a brand new sex doll that's completely new and just the way you want it.

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