How to clean a sex doll

Step 1;
After you've made your deposit inside your sex doll, lean her back flooring up so her vaginal cavity will not spill. Second, spread her legs just enough so the vaginal cavity remains open. With a pair of forceps, a little soapy water, and some dry paper towels, your sex doll will be all cleaned up and ready to use for the next adventure.

Step 2;
The purpose of this is simply too dilute the sperm making it less viscous in preparation for the next step. Next, fold up about half of the sheet of paper towel into a tight small square proximately 1 inch by 1 inch. Clamp the paper towel into the tip of the forceps. Now go ahead and slide it in slowly until you reach the complete depth of the vaginal cavity, Slosh around the water and sperm with short, gentle strokes approximately 2 or 3 in stride. Repeat this approximately 10 times then remove and trash you're soaked towel.

Step 3;
Prep another dry paper towel at the tip of your forceps just like before. Slide this into the vaginal cavity nice and easy, making sure to reach full depth. Remove and visually inspect the towel. It should be nearly dry as the first one. Should be absorbing about 95% of the moisture. If, for some reason, it is heavily saturated, discard the towel and repeat the process until it is mostly dry. Now you are ready to begin rinsing. 

Step 4;
Fourth, prep another dry paper towel at the tip of the forceps just like before. Adjust your spray bottle nozzle so it squirts a heavy stream. Spray about 6 to  10 squirts into the vaginal cavity or until you hear the tone of the vaginal cavity change indicating that the water level is near at full. Use your swab again too wash inside the doll's vaginal cavity in a stroking motion. Be sure to rub down all of the walls inside the cavity during this process as well. Once you have completed the process dispose of your soaked paper towel and repeat the process with a dry paper towel until all of the water is dried and gone. Typically, it takes around two more cycles to complete. 

After you've finished all the process, it should take you around two minutes. All you need to do is put your finger inside the vaginal cavity and check for any moisture. If the cavity is thoroughly dried up, then you have successfully cleaned your sex dolls vagina. Be sure to leave the doll in this position for at least 60 min before closing and storing it away.

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