We founded this business to educate and curate the best sex dolls in the market. Because we understand the commitment & cost of ownership, our company is built to provide you with the best service, reliable & accurate orders, and offer the most affordable sex dolls around - and with it, free shipping and a price match guarantee. We understand human needs, and technology has allowed people to have an affordable way to whatever that human need may be. We invite you to stick around. There may be more to a life you may find here that you didn't realize you needed.

The Name

Founded by the idea of a friend who just needed a companion because "he was simply done with dating," he discovered that dolls are a great way, and in many cases, a more affordable way to find companionship all year round. We found the power of how sex dolls can transform lives and, in many cases, provide companionship.

Done With Women is a figure of speech and can also apply to women being done with men. But for the sake of business phase 1 (we are starting with the guys). We provide a solution to alleviate the need for disappointing dating apps and expensive disappointing dates. Just your time, and your rules. 

The Culture

When people think of sex dolls in the past, people would think of blow-up dolls (Google Bill Burr blow-up doll - you'll get a good laugh), but today, that word has a new meaning. Because of the advancement of technology, dolls have become highly realistic and have become common in our culture. It can mean a companion, a hot date night, a fantasy, a friend, or something else - something that fills a human need. With the recent global events, it's become even more apparent how much companionship and relief these dolls have provided to people, both men, and women. They look and feel very real and are a work of art made by talented people worldwide.

Another reason why we got into this business is to level the playing field for men. If you google enough information about whether or not women use sex toys, you'd be surprised to hear that one study showed that three out of four American households have a dildo at home. 78% majority are women. So why does it seem taboo to have a sex doll? Mainly because most of them don't fit in your drawer. So if women get to have all the fun, why can't men?

It's more normal than you think to own a sex doll. It's become a billion-dollar industry, and many people are repeat buyers every so often. While sex dolls have been around for more than a decade, it was like owning a cellphone in the mid-80s. But recent advancements in technology have allowed sex dolls to become more affordable, better, and even include features that will enable them to breathe, talk, and warm their own bodies.

5 Good Reasons to Own a Sex Doll

Here's a funny anecdote shared by someone who is single and prefers a relationship with a sex doll:

  1. For $1,600, you can go to a strip club four times for a look but don't touch experience.
  2. For $3,000 You can go to Vegas and spend an hour with a high-end legal companionship.
  3. You can try to pick up someone at a bar or go on many dates without luck and run a bill over several weeks of over $4000.
  4. But your best bet for that much money, a sex doll upon delivery can give you unlimited VIP privileges to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th base all year round, on-demand, whenever you want - without the risk of an STD, rejection, arrest, or a pregnancy.
  5. You can practice responsible, safe sex habits by keeping to yourself.

We aren't here to tell you to replace women, but we are here for you when you need a companion who isn't a human. So have yourself a party, see what all the fuss about, you'll likely ask yourself why you never had one before.

We are an official global retailer for Piper Doll, WM Doll, Doll House 168, JM Doll, and Doll Forever. All of the dolls are made to order, validated for accuracy, and delivered discreetly straight to your door. We'll do everything to make sure you are happy with your purchase, and we go to great lengths to ensure your purchase experience is as good as it could get. Join us, see what the fuss is all about. We know you'll love working with us.