Piper Doll 2021 Mini Silicone Dolls

There's plenty of reasons to love smaller dolls, first there's the weight, then there's the ease of cleaning, and its easy to carry anywhere. With so many options in the market, there needed to be an option where the beauty of the larger dolls are brought into a mini format. 

Introducing Piper Dolls newest line of dolls, the Piper Doll Minis. 

Piper Doll Ariel Mini Silicone 100cm Sex Doll
Piper Doll Phoebe Elf Mini Silicone 80cm Sex Doll


It's everything you loved about the larger dolls, only in a portable format. These dolls are made out of the same platinum medical grade silicone that Doll-Forever, Piper Doll, and Dollhouse 168 is known for. Unlike other dolls in the market, these dolls have almost no scent. Because of its small size, these dolls do not have the foam filling to maintain its rigidity. Because they are so small, they are made entirely out of 100% silicone.


So how good are these dolls and are they worth the price? That truly depends on the pros and cons of the individual person.


  • Anal orifice is not available as of today on the first 2 dolls they are releasing
  • More expensive than other mini doll options in the market
  • You'll have to wait a little longer for more mini versions to come out ;)


  • Very light and easy to maneuver with E.V.O. skeleton
  • Perfectly sculpted and detailed
  • Zero smell
  • Seamless design
  • The highest quality mini sex doll you will find on the market

    Overall, these dolls may be more expensive than whats out in the market, but when you buy a Piper Doll, you get what you pay for. The highest quality made sex doll at a good price. One last bit we forgot to mention is that these dolls all have fixed vaginas. While there are some who prefer to buy dolls with inserts, you'll want to watch our youtube video on cleaning doll orifices and you'll see how easy it is to clean your doll. Much props to the doll's designer, Mizuwali. He's the designer behind Piper Doll, and the newest doll designs for Doll-Forever, and Dollhouse 168. 

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    Some sites say Piper Doll mini dolls don’t come with hard hands and hard feet. Other sites say they do by default. I like small and light. I don’t like dolls that can’t stand. And where do comments get posted? Please advise?

    David Ash July 31, 2021

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