Piper Doll Jenna Silicone Is a Suntanned Beauty

Piper Doll Jenna is not new, what's new is that she has a new look and she is now available as Piper Doll's silicone series of premium sex dolls. Unlike many of the sex dolls in the market, this doll is special because for what it is, it's price well compared to other premium sex dolls that cost about $5,000-$10,000. This is what we consider to be the Tesla of sex dolls. Its not exactly cheap, but it's also not priced like the Ferraris of the sex doll market. In seeing the factory photos, most enthusiasts would disagree that this is the high-end Teslas of the sex doll market, you get a whole lot of bang for the buck... (pun intended).

Piper Doll Jenna Silicone 160cm Sex Doll


If you haven't already seen her photo gallery you can view them here. It's not hard to see how well made these dolls are. The Piper Doll silicone line of sex dolls are reasonable in price, and for an additional upgrade cost, you can upgrade some features of the doll - hard hands to make the dolls fingers more rigid & able to carry it's weight, soft hip or soft butt - making her gluts more realistic, and best of all hard feet which are the newest standard in standing feet as there are no bolts to be seen at the base of the foot. 

The market is saturated with many different sex doll designs and models. But when it comes to Piper Doll, Doll Forever, and Dollhouse 168 - these people don't cut any corners when it comes to quality. They are affordable, some of the best designed dolls, and compared to other dolls out in the market of the same price range, they have the highest quality dolls you can get at a reasonable price.

The Jenna Doll shown on the video is the slight tan version of the doll. It is the first in their line to be targeted towards a western market due to the popularity of tan dolls in the recent years. Jenna Silicone 160cm is a very versitile sex doll. Like all her other counterparts made by Piper Doll, a simple change of eye color and wig can give her a new look. Because she is also made out of silicone, her skin is also more durable than TPE and highly resistant to staining. Of all the most recent releases in the market, we highly recommend checking out this doll if you are in the market for something fresh and new. This one is bound to be a favorite for many and will can be a very durable companion for many years.

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Don’t understand why anyone would want a TPE doll when they could have Silicone. TPE is rubbery, which instantly destroys whatever realism the doll may possess. Head, hands, and feet go boing when you touch them. And why would you want a seam where neck meets head? When you could have the realism of being seamless! Piper’s Silicone dolls like Jenna can also stand, without the ugly bolts in the bottom of her feet. In other words, she’s perfect!

David Ash July 31, 2021

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