Dummy: Anna Kendrick is Best Friends with a Sex Doll

When the movie Good Boys came out in 2019, people around the world got a good laugh with the mainstream approach of the normalization of sex dolls. In 2020, a new show starring Anna Kendrick features a young writer who befriends a Sex Doll when she discovers it in her boyfriend's house.

The show is featured on the Quibi streaming platform founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg. The episodes are free to watch and are approximately 10 minutes in length per episode. 

In Dummy, Anna Kendrick stumbles upon some clues that expose the truth that her boyfriend possesses a sex doll. Her insecurity prompts her to learn to investigate to discover that the doll is actually alive. Not knowing whether the doll is truly alive or she is speaking to a projection of her self conscious, she embarks on a hilarious journey to discover more about herself through the sex doll.  

Watch the show now on Quibi


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