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Phoebe Elf 130cm / 4ft3 by Piper Doll


$1,700 $1,900

Phoebe Elf is a unique take on Piper Doll's popular Phoebe Doll. While her height is a bit shorter than the other dolls, her lightweight makes it a very appealing option. She also features a seamless neck design that gives her extreme realism. Eyes and wigs can be swapped to give your doll a new look. All wigs for each Piper Doll are made to perfectly fit each doll, giving it a snug fit that won’t fall off during use. Made with platinum medical grade TPE, the skin is super soft, squeezable, and odorless compared to other sex doll brands.


Phoebe Elf is her name but her friends like to call her to the "alluring enchantress." Her attractive sweet young face and small body tends to get the men all wild and in love with her. During the day she likes to dress up as a professional college student and is always inside the campus dorms. It is the end of the semester and she is stressing over her finals, you happen to see this girl in the same class your in. You introduce yourself and without any rejection or judgment of how you look like, Phoebe smiles and shakes your hand, "I need help with some math homework, want to come to my dorm 158? My roommates are out of town and you're quite the math wiz." Without any hesitation, you say yes. The night time begins, and you are in front of her dorm room. Phoebe opens the door and is wearing a white bikini exposing parts of the hot body. You quickly check her out from her head down to her cute toes. She walks you in and locks the door. "I don't need help with homework silly." She quickly unzips your pants and begins to work that small mouth of hers, all you hear is gawk gawk gawk as she looks upon you. She's ready to take more of you in another way. Do you have what it takes to show Phoebe, love?

Product Specifications:
  • Material: Medical-Grade Platinum TPE (Softest in the market)
  • Height: 130cm / 51in
  • Weight: 23kg / 50.7lbs
  • Shoulder: 30cm / 12in
  • Bust: 70.6cm / 28in
  • Under Bust: 48.7cm / 19in
  • Waist: 45cm / 18in
  • Hip: 75cm / 30in 
  • Length of Arm: 39.3cm / 15in
  • Length of Leg 63.8cm / 25in
  • Length of Foot: 18cm / 7in
  • Depth of Oral: 11cm / 4in
  • Depth of Anal: 15cm / 6in
  • Depth of Vagina: 17cm / 7in

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