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Elsa 146cm / 4ft9 by Doll Forever


$1,680.00 $1,700.00
Doll Forever Elsa 146cm by Doll Forever is a heaven made doll that is now on earth. Her beautiful seamless neck design guarantees an authenticity appearance just like a real woman. Elsa is a seductive and elegant physique doll. She has a very soft and limber skin that consists of TPE. Her breasts will be moving in motion and bouncing as its meant to be when you become intimate with her. Internally built with an E.V.O. Skeleton allowing her to pose for you in that way you've seen and fantasized all your life. She knows how to love, please, and be loyal just for you. 

There is something very different and unique about a cold winter night. The smell is more chilled, and night is much longer. Somehow you can be around wrapped up in that blanket that you bought at the store and have hot coca next you while watching your favorite movie. Little did you know that your friends invited you to a party that night. There you see a beautiful girl named Elsa, you approach her and look her into eyes knowing that she has an attraction towards you. You quickly notice her tight PJs and long sleeve show an outline of her round-shaped breasts; she immediately lays her hands on yours. Feeling an automatic soft and secure touch, you guys begin to discard the party and go into the next room. "Take off your clothes. I want to feel your warmth inside me." Oh no, things just got serious, she is now stripping off for you, the black laced thong comes off and whips her hair for you. She is currently in bed, touching herself. What do you think will happen next? Stop staring and find out.

Product Specifications:
  • Material: Medical- Grade Platinum TPE (Softest in the market)
  • Height: 146cm / 57in
  • Weight: 26kg / 57lbs
  • Shoulder: 31cm / 12.20in
  • Bust: 72cm / 28.25in
  • Waist: 52cm / 21in
  • Hips: 78cm / 30in
  • Upper Arm Length: 25cm / 10in
  • Upper Arm Girth: 21cm / 8.5in
  • Low Leg Length: 44cm / 17in
  • Feets: 18.5cm / 7.5in
  • Oral: 14cm / 5.5in
  • Anal: 16cm / 6in
  • Vagina: 18cm / 7in

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