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Alice (Big Breast) 165cm / 5ft5 by Doll Forever


$2,000.00 $2,200.00
Doll Forever Alice BBW is a stunning life-like sex doll complemented with medical-grade platinum TPE, giving her a super soft and pliable skin. Beautiful throughout her curves and her edges. You'll be unable to control yourself when you grab those jiggling motion breasts and buttocks — designed with a fully articulated E.V.O. Skeleton creating incredibly realistic movements. New accessories can be added to your doll, such as wigs, eyes, or heads, to make your love doll even more sexier.
Alice knows that it's always 5'o clock somewhere. She loves drinking red wine whenever she has a stressed-out day at work. She's at the local bar by her work and notices your around there too. Staring and wishing that you'd talk to her. She catches you, making eye contact, but the words won't come out. Finally, you've had the guts to walk up to her and talk to her. You've only taken two shots and shes shipping on her wine. She asks you, "Are you from around here?" The liquid courage is kicking in, and you reply, "Yes, why you ask?" As you stare at her tight black office clothes, all you can of think of is undressing her and making hot nasty love to her. She proceeds to touch your hand and look at you into your eyes and says, "let us get out of here, my hotel room is a block away," Will you reject or accept a once in a lifetime fantasy dream come true?
Product Specifications:
  • Material: Medical-Grade Platinum TPE (Softest in the market)
  • Height: 165cm / 65in
  • Weight: 43kg / 94.8lbs
  • Shoulder: 38cm / 15in
  • Bust: 89cm / 35in
  • Waist: 52cm / 20.5in
  • Hips: 100cm / 40in
  • Upper Arm Length: 27cm  / 10.50in
  • Upper Arm Girth: 24cm / 9.5in
  • Low Leg Legnth: 48cm / 19in
  • Feets: 21.5cm / 8.5in
  • Oral: 14cm / 5.5in
  • Anal: 16cm / 6in
  • Vagina: 18cm / 7in

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