Where Did Sex Dolls Originate From?

Where Did Sex Dolls Originate From?

Ever wonder how sex dolls became such a matter in today's day and age? To understand the origins of sex dolls, we must take a trip back to the early sixteenth century. The French and Spanish sailors endured long, lonely voyages across the sea. The solution for these hard-working men was masturbatory dolls often made out of old sewn clothes. This is now a predecessor to today's sex dolls, which are made of much more safe, pleasurable, and user-friendly materials. Not only were these dolls introduced to sailors, but soldiers as well during World War II. This was a way for soldiers to fulfill their sexual desires and needs during a time where syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease, was spreading rapidly. Sexually transmitted diseases are still very prominent in our world today. Therefore, sex dolls are combating in order to help decrease the number of those infected.

Early Sex Doll History

In 1918, a famous well-known Austrian artist named Oskar Kokoschka was very much in love with Alma Mahler, a Viennese. Kokoschka commissioned a life-sized doll of Alma to a German puppet maker. Consequently, the idea of receiving affection from the "Alma Doll" only led to dissatisfaction and anger to Kokoschka, which led him the next day to destroy it during a party. All hope seemed lost for sex dolls. A couple of years went by, and a new visionary German artist called Hans Bellmer, who was described as "the father figure of the modern sex doll" for his puppets in the 1930's, turned the lost hope around.. His designs and proof of work moved sex dolls further into the future. The production of anatomically correct sex dolls had arised. 

Evolution Of Sex Doll Material

It wasn't until the 1970's when the development of silicone, latex, and other materials began to be tested and integrated into sex dolls. Interestingly enough, silicone ended up becoming the most frequent and used material, amongst the rest, due to the unparalleled realism it provides. The early 2000’s introduced a significant take off for the sex doll industry when a similar yet different polymer was introduced, TPE. TPE is a stretchy, thermoplastic and elastomeric, in more simple terms, rubber like material. It is a fast and cost-effective material option for high volume manufacturing companies to use. It became very popular to companies in China. TPE's ramification was outstanding for its customers who were price conscience and looking to experience something much more than watching pornographic images or flipping through some old Playboy magazines. Thanks to these advancements, sex dolls began to offer much more realistic and pleasurable experiences than ever before. Sex dolls are now given the option to come integrated with an E.V.O. Skeleton. E.V.O. refers to a much more advanced skeleton that is able to assume any desirable position. Thus being light weight and user friendly. 

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