25 Common Questions About Sex Dolls

Lots of people lately have become more curious about sex dolls they've been seeing and hearing about in movies and mainstream entertainment. Maybe you are one of them, and we were too many years ago before we started this business. So today we're going to start answering your questions. Please keep in mind that these are our opinions given to us by people we know, the community, customers, and us. Whatever you do with these opinions is your business only and we are not responsible for your actions. Without further adieu:

How good are these sex dolls?

Until the last decade, sex dolls were so expensive that very few people were able to buy them until China made them a mainstream commodity and affordable for people around the globe to buy. They are fantastic and in many ways almost as real as the real thing.

What is TPE?

TPE is short for Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). It is a matte looking soft rubbery material that feels very similar to human skin. If you've ever owned a Flesh Light, then you know exactly how this feels. 

So sex dolls feel like flesh lights?

In the simplest explanation, yes, but only a million times better because a sex doll is an entire body and not just one small part of it. But if you have ever had sex with a silicone sex doll, then you may have discovered that the latest versions of silicone feel closer to the real thing according to many community members and customers. (We also happen to agree) The newer brands using newer mixes of Silicone are not only more resistant to stains but they have a slightly firmer feel of a vagina squeezing right before an orgasm. 

What's up with the new silicone sex dolls and why are they more expensive?

Silicone is more expensive as a material, because of that they are more expensive. But the underlying reason is that they more stain resistant. If you've ever put new clothes with color on a sex doll made of TPE, you will find out the hard way that colored clothing has a tendency to stain. So if you plan on dressing your doll, make sure you wash colored clothing a minimum of 3-4 times even if it fades the clothing a little, even then, make sure you have a sample to test color transfer. 

Do TPE stains go away?

Yes, over time they disappear, but the more severe, the longer it takes.

Are Sex dolls legal in my country?

In most of America yes, but in some states, there are strict laws against them. For this reason, many manufacturers may decide not to ship you a doll and a responsible seller such as us will never sell you a doll if your state or country prohibits the sale of sex dolls. 

Can you have a custom sex doll made?

Yes. Nearly every brand we work with can make you a custom sex doll for a price. So if you want one made of your significant other, all you need to do is be ready to spend a few thousand. In most cases it's more affordable than you think. customerservice@donewithwomen.com

Which sex doll brand is the best?

Everyone has an opinion on this topic, but what we can tell you is that all the brands we carry we have vetted for quality. It all depends on your specific tastes, when you visit a porn site there's a reason why there's so many categories on the list, because everyone's likes differ from one another. Same goes with sex dolls.

Why does the information for the same sex doll differ on websites?

There's many retailers out there who are small shops and from around the globe that use photos from popular manufacturers but actually sell fakes. You buy the photos but get a fake. Companies such as WM Doll has had this problem which is why they provide Anti-Fake serial numbers. When you order a real WM Doll, you can go to their website and pop in your serial number to see if you have a real WM Doll. Some manufacturers who have very complicated processes and designs that making a counterfeit doll is not possible, one example is Piper Doll who makes seamless dolls with the heads attached permanently to the body. A permanently attached head is very expensive to manufacture and it takes precision to get it right. It's also not cost effective for companies to counterfeit a design like that. So if you are ever in any doubt of a fake, one of the easiest ways to tell is visually, how well is their website made? Which vendors are listed on manufacturer websites? There's lots of crooks out there ready to take your money and give you a fake, if you are ever in doubt, contact the manufacturer directly and they will tell you if a retailer online is real or not. If you want the best service and an accurate order at a competitive price - we'd love for you to buy from us. 

How discreet is the shipping?

All of our manufacturers ship in a very discreet packaging. There's no special markings, in fact you won't even see a logo on the box. 

I saw some sex doll videos on porn sites. Do you sell some of these sex dolls that are popular on these porn sites?

There's a ton of videos out there and we don't know anyone who posts them aside from videos shared to retailers by manufacturers. But yes, there are dolls on our site that you are likely or may have seen on some porn sites. It's a billions dollar industry and at some point it will reach the mainstream.


If I can buy directly from a manufacturer why should we buy from a retailer?

Great manufacturers like the brands we sell on our site are great at what they do, they design dolls and manufacture them perfectly. But they depend on many retailers to get the word out about their product, and in exchange for helping them sell their products globally, allow them to sell the products slightly less than what they sell on their site. Let's put it in other terms, why do people buy stuff like Bounty paper towels and TVs from target instead of direct? Wider audience exposure and a better price. Also, retailers do what retailers do best, sell many different options at a good price, with good service, and quality customer service. If a manufacturer were trying to reach the same amount of people as retailers, it would cost more in advertising and resources, that is the trade off of selling to retailers, unless you are apple, you are most likely going to depend on many businesses to try and sell your product for you, but even Apple today has mini shops at places such as Best Buy.

Can I have anal and oral sex with the sex dolls?

Unless otherwise specified most sex dolls these days come with a mouth orifice, an anal orifice, in addition to a vaginal orifice. Of the manufacturers we've seen, some do some of those orifices better than others. Fortunately all of the ones we do sell on our website have all passed the quality orifice test. We do not ever endorse or sell any dolls that do not have a quality orifice, we believe it is part of the experience.

Companion or sex toy?

There is no wrong answer here. We are all human with human needs and everyone has a different answer. 

What kind of people own a sex doll?

From personal experience of our staff and our customers, it's everyday people. It could be that person at a PTA meeting, your co-worker, mail man, your grandmother (Yes that is right), your niece, and there are lots of different types of people who own sex dolls and they are growing year after year, otherwise there wouldn't be so many new great manufacturers coming out. More people, more variety of sex dolls. It's about as normal as someone owning any other sex toy. While most women do seem to have this more of a norm, it is becoming more increasingly normal as the sex doll industry continues to make more products that appear to a wider audience. 

Will I have buyers remorse?

There's many people who we spoke to that have bought a doll that's beyond their means at the time and they do not regret it. In fact for some people it has become cheaper than dating or getting married. One of the reasons why we named our business what it is, is during a conversation we had with someone we know who was just frustrated with relationships and wanted to just have a consensual relationship with someone who is hot that won't give them any drama.

Should I buy a sex doll from Amazon?

Absolutely not. There are lots of counterfeits on Amazon, and especially in sex dolls.

How do companies sell sex dolls ready to ship within 2 days?

There are very few companies who are ready to sell some of their sex dolls ready to buy and pre-configured, one of them is Jinsan (WM Doll) who has a warehouse in the United States. Aside from that, we don't ever recommend buying a sex doll from anywhere else that doesn't come straight from the manufacturer. The reason for this is how do you know that your doll hasn't been properly mishandled? How do you know that you didn't buy a used or returned doll? Companies such as us do not have a warehouse for this reason. There is no reasonable reason to have one. Returns should go to manufacturer's mainland distribution or in the trash. Sex dolls are a hygenic product, it should be treated like a condom, if someone else has opened the box or is in the position to open the box, don't buy it. You don't know where it's been and who's used it.

Is there also male sex dolls?

Yes. WM Doll makes some as well as many other retailers. However, we currently do not carry them ourselves. We will at some point in the future but currently our focus is on female dolls for our customers of all genders.

Should I feel ashamed of owning a sex doll?

No. Sex dolls are normal, and as normal as woman owning a vibrator. Sex dolls carried an old stigma because the older sex dolls were ugly blow up dolls you could purchase only at porn shops over decades ago. Many mainstream jokes about them have put a stigma but in the past decade as the dolls have become more realistic, no one is laughing now. The dolls have become increasingly realistic, affordable and attractive. In fact, in China, sex dolls were created because there is a shortage of women. Because of this, the industry had become of a social norm and popular. In western countries it is just recently picking up more and more steam. By the time COVID hit and many sex and dating lives were interrupted, turning to sex dolls was becoming an increasing normal thing. Times are changing and within the next 20-30 years don't be surprised if these same sex doll companies start making google or Tesla powered robotic sex doll conversions. Real Doll has already started working on these dolls, check out Whitney Cummings latest stand-up where she shows off a robot sex doll of herself on her Netflix special. 

Can you recommend some sex doll or brands?

From our company standpoint we have looked at multiple manufacturers, many of whom we have yet to add to our website. But the ones we have currently on our website are among the ranks of the reputable brands. Piper Doll is known for seamless necks where the head is not detached as well as making the softest sex doll material around. WM Doll has some of the most popular designs that appeal to western culture. Irokebijin is a new brand by the owners of Piper Doll who make anime inspired sex dolls. Starpery makes extremely hyper realistic looking sex dolls that are made with quality materials and have some of the most details found on sex dolls today. Whatever your preference is, we do our best to try to cater the best for a wide audience. We have more to come and since our launch in 2019 we are growing quickly and we are only getting started.

How much do they cost?

There is a range for every budget, and the bigger the price doesn't dictate if you will love it more or not. Preference is key. Most dolls are within the $1-2k price range, with cheaper dolls below that cost, and the most premium dolls can go anywhere from $2k and up. The more expensive dolls are usually bigger, harder to make, made with better materials, better constructed, or all of the above. But don't be tempted to buy on Amazon because it's cheap - nearly all doll listed are poorly made counterfeits that look nothing like they do in the photos.

How do I store my sex doll?

If you can't display your doll out in the open or just keep it in your closet, there are a number of great options to store your doll. Among them are plastic waterproof casing typically made for musical instruments / military & research / firearms, golf bags for the smaller dolls, and even fabric storage ottomans. There are lots of creative ways to store your dolls if you don't want to leave them out in the open. Just make sure you store it in a room with proper live able human temperatures. For most dolls, do not store them standing up or leave them standing as most dolls are not design for standing use. If you have the option to hang them in your closet, most sex dolls come with the ability to hang them using a hook. Just make sure your closet can support their weight. 

How do I clean a sex doll?

We have a great answer for that. Watch our cleaning video.

Stay Tuned on this website as we continue to add more questions. Have a question of your own? Ask us below!

(Photo credits: WM Doll 166cm C cup)

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