Piper Doll

Phoebe Elf Silicone 130cm / 4ft3 by Piper Doll


$1,950 $2,400

The new piper doll silicone phoebe elf design features a wide variety of upgrades. With a new silicone design, this beautiful sex doll is accurately detailed from head to toe. The upgraded features include silicone gel filled breasts for extreme realism, foam core to give the doll realistic firmness where women are firm and soft where they are soft, upgraded skeleton, detailed body sculpt, and soft vaginal & anal orifices. Despite the lack of oral orifice, there's much to love about the new Piper Doll silicone series. There's also new options available such as hard hands when you need the doll to hold itself up on its hands, softer hip upgrade, and hard feet that allows the doll to stand with no more screws protruding from the bottom of the doll's feet.


She wanted to become real she said, and what once was a TPE doll became a real life woman. Immediately after turning into a human, Phoebe Elf suddenly became wet in between her legs. She looked down her crotch and inserted her longest finger to see if she was real. Her eyes shut and lip bit as she felt the warmness of her soft vagina. Her wish had come true and it was possible because of you. Are you ready to accept her reward?

Product Specifications:
  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone
  • Height: 130cm / 51in
  • Weight: 23kg / 50.7lbs
  • Shoulder: 30cm / 12in
  • Bust: 76cm / 30in
  • Under Bust: 48.7cm / 19in
  • Waist: 48.6cm / 19in
  • Hip: 82cm / 32in 
  • Length of Arm: 44.1cm / 17in
  • Length of Leg 68 / 27in
  • Length of Foot: 19cm / 7.5in
  • Depth of Oral: N/A
  • Depth of Anal: 15cm / 6in
  • Depth of Vagina: 17cm / 7in

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